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As Pastor of Bible Baptist Church, I would like to thank you for visiting our website and invite you to visit our church.  Our purpose is to be faithful to our Lord Jesus Christ and His Word.  We purpose to faithfully preach the Gospel and to provide Biblical counsel in all areas of life, including the home, relationships, marriage, and children.

Our church strives to provide a place of blessing and fellowship through a local church.  Jesus Christ founded His first church and gave us the pattern to follow in building biblically founded churches.  We also believe that Jesus called the church to carry out the great commission of Christ collectively and individually as given in Matthew 28:19-20 and that the church is to be a place of edifying the saints of God through the preaching and teaching through the Word of God.

We are in an exciting time in our church history.  We are currently located on the south end of the Pickerington Plaza just off Hill Road in Pickerington.  At this time, we are in search of property within the Pickerington area so that we can build a new building.  If you are looking to join in on an exciting journey with Jesus Christ, our Saviour, we invite you to visit our church.  

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Pastor Mark Fennell