Bible Baptist Church has a wide variety of ministries to serve you and your family. All our ministries are built to help people know God and live better lives. There are many people that have a desire to learn & understand the Bible, but they don’t know where to begin. Our preaching and ministries are centered on Biblical practices and help people to better understand God’s Word and how to apply it to their lives. We are a loving church that has people that support each other in our spiritual walk. We pray that you will find a place where you belong as well as serve/minister God the Creator.

Sunday School at 9:30AMIf you desire to learn the Bible and make friends, we have Bible classes for adults, teens, and children including a nursery for the very young. You will be with other people in a atmosphere that gives the opportunity to connect with others and build lifelong relationships with people who will encourage you in your journey through life. (Note: limited availability while we are in temporary locations, but we will be reestablishing soon)

Children's Church at 10:30AM: One of our purposes is to help parents raise their children. Reaching children in their tender hearts for God is our goal. We believe Sunday-School and Children’s Church are a vital part of a child’s growing experience. Children are placed in an age appropriate class where we prayerfully teach them Biblical family values, giving them a strong foundation for their growing years. We want children to see how God’s Word fits into their lives.  (Note: limited availability while we are in temporary locations, but we will be reestablishing soon)

Teen Ministry: Understanding, guiding and caring for today’s young people is an important ministry at Bible Baptist Church. We have caring adults who teach and help our young people to develop right attitudes toward God, family, peers and self. Meaningful teaching, counseling, and activities are important aspects of our church teen ministry. (Note: limited availability while we are in temporary locations, but we will be reestablishing soon)

Ladies Ministries: The ladies at Bible Baptist Church enjoy expressing Christ’s love to other church members, area residents, and missionary wives through prayer, gifts, and special events. We have several helpful and heartwarming ministries. Our ladies also enjoy craft time together and preparing meals to be a blessing. We also feature a woman’s support our Women's ministry and our Dorcus Circle ministries where the women come together for lessons and then minister to other organizations including missionarys and within the church.

Music Ministry: We worship the Lord through spiritual Christ honoring music. We love to sing the timeless hymns of the faith as a congregation. There are also many avenues to our music ministry including adult choir opportunities, special music and the pastor leads in Scripture singing from the King James Bible.